Axelra built and accelerated Moflix to launch yallo swype within 100 days


100 days to build Moflix and deliver yallo swype 

yallo swype – the new app-based mobile subscription with a 100% digital customer experience

The Telecommunications Operator yallo (a subisidiary of Sunrise Communications AG) launched on December 1oth 2019 an 100% app-based mobile subscription in around 100 days to cater to the emerging “hop-on/hop-off” generation – digital natives who prefer to access services digitally via mobile apps (e.g. Netflix, Uber, Spotify, etc.).

yallo swype – the new app-based mobile subscription with a 100% digital customer experience

  • digital: swype is the first Swiss mobile subscription that works solely via an app
  • unlimited: swype offers a flat rate for calls and data all over Switzerland
  • impossible to pay more: swype daily for CHF 2.– or swype monthly for CHF 39.– , international option for CHF 3 / day (25 countries)
  • No commitment: swype in and out to start, stop or switch everyday and anytime.

Moflix was built and accelerated by Tech Venture Builder Axelra and is now based in Zürich, Switzerland and Tampere, Finland. With the Moflix’s white-label digital platform, users are able to: download the cross platform app, register their SIM card, verify their identity , enter their payment details, choose their subscription and activate everything immediately using a mobile app. Once active, customers are also empowered to fully manage their own subscriptions without the need for manual, back-office interactions.

The Moflix’s white-label platform for digital services is entirely cloud-based through Amazon Web Services (AWS) and uses Onfido as KYC provider (industry-leading KYC AI solution), Zendesk as Customer Management System (to enable chatting via Whatsapp) Killbill as Subscription / Billing Engine and Datatrans as payment provider (to enable payments per visa, mastercard or TWINT).

During the last weeks a crossfunctional team staffed with around 30 experts from Axelra, Sunrise/Yallo and further innovation partner e.g.  Luarasi Studio, WebtiserDigital Innovation Labs and Modum have been able to strip away the complexities associated with a typical telecommunications digital transformation program and accelerate the time to market. The focus has been on keeping things simple, including service design using best-in-class cloud solutions, fast deployment and Yallo’s digital service offerings. Anyone interested can now register for the free swype trial month.

Please find some impressions of the Go-Live Weekend, where we performed the first call to a swype subscription and from our kickoff event 🙂

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